Patch 5.2.1p1

Released: 25. September 2015

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We are happy to announce Unity 5.2.1p1. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • Graphics: Disabled fancy blurring of cubemaps for runtime updated reflection probes on OpenGL ES 2 devices.
  • iOS: Added Xcode 7 GM and Xcode 7.1 Build & Run support.
  • Tizen: Implemented Application.internetReachability.
  • Tizen: Implemented Sleep.screenTimeout.
  • Tizen: Implemented TouchScreenKeyboard.area.
  • UnityAds: Updated native binaries to version 1.5.2.
  • WebRequest: Better memory tracking in DownloadHandlers now.


  • Substance: Removed support for Unity 3.x metafiles for SBSAR files. The associated .meta files should be manually deleted and the materials recreated after reimporting the SBSAR assets.
  • VR: For Windows Oculus Development, the Oculus runtime is required in order to run in VR mode. Future releases will also require this runtime going forward.


  • (724093) - Direct3D 11: Changing resolution through script will not stretch the screen anymore.
  • (723116) - Editor: Fixed Gizmos.DrawLine rendering with random colors when 3D Icons is turned off.
  • (713420) - Editor: Fixed crash when opening Frame Debugger that was happening on some machines (mostly Macs with NVIDIA GPUs).
  • (712517) - Editor: Support nested scene loading after introducing multi-scene-editing.
  • (711044) - Fixed: Cache Server crashes on command 'nc -zv'
  • (725106) - Fixed issue with inputfield caret/ highlight not displaying
  • (649000), (721553) - Fixed Unity crash when inspecting UnityEditor.VersionControl.Asset while debugging.
  • (none) - Fixed issue with launching both MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio when external script editor is set to Xamarin Studio on OSX.
  • (725070) - GI: Fixed crash when switching scenes in specific circumstances.
  • (none) - GLLEGACY: Fixed: readpixels needs workaround for MSAA.
  • (none) - GLES: GLLEGACY: Fixed: glClear doesn't obey viewport, so render a quad instead when doing a non-fullscreen clear.
  • (none) - D3D11: ChangeDisplaySettings(..., CDS_TEST) causes stuttering on nvidias. Use DXGI instead.
  • (726172) - Graphics: Do not return pre-created RenderTextures from RenderTexture.GetTemporary; makes it possible to set useMipMap on them again.
  • (722963) - iOS: Fixed memory leak when changing orientation.
  • (727580) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator.Play not working when AnimatorController.
  • (726168) - Mecanim: Fixed blending of rotations beign broken in some situations.
  • (727765) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when calling Animator.GetCurrentAnimatorClipInfo during an interrupted transition.
  • (726627) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when multiple triggers happen on the same frame.
  • (726871) - Mecanim: Fixed crash with WriteDefaultValues set to false on an empty state.
  • (721127) - Mecanim: Fixed IK not applied on feet when last layer does not have Foot IK active.
  • (726207) - Mecanim: Fixed transition to empty state on layers not driving layer weight.
  • (726413) - Mecanim: Fixed AnimationEvents fired on animations that are weighted-out.
  • (718748) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator memory being cleared when disabling the component the same behaviour as before 5.2b5 do not clear animator memory when only the animator.
  • (726448) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator::Play generating invalid AnimationEvent invocations.
  • (725512) - Mecanim: Fixed AssetBundle created from 5.1 crashing in 5.2.
  • (724249) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when changing Animator.updateMode in PlayMode.
  • (726627) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when setting invalid OverrideController.
  • (725767) - Mecanim: Fixed game object with override controller not showing the base controller when selecting the GameObject.
  • (726301) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when Animator.speed is set to zero during transition.
  • (726426) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when switching to empty controller.
  • (720747) - Networking: Fixed Editor crashes on websocket disconnect.
  • (none) - Networking: Fix for server websocket crashing in release mode.
  • (721499) - Networking: Fix for 'aissp' error is thrown on the server side when a client disconnects.
  • (718824) - Networking: Fixed: UNET doesn't check message length correct.
  • (719672) - Networking: Fixed: User can create packet larger then defined in global config.
  • (718822) - Networking: Fixed: User can set MinThreadAwakeTimeout to 0
  • (none) - Networking: Support for UNet HLAPI on WebGL platform.
    • Added useWebSockets field to NetworkManager and NetworkServer. When this is checked, the system will listen for WebSocket connects instead of the normal UNet Transport layer connections. This allows WebGL clients to connect to the server.
      • Fixed DNS issues using UNet on WebGL platform.
      • Fixed HLAPI update pump function on WebGL platform.
  • (719296) - Physics: Fixed scaling of cars that had center of mass not at the Rigidbody's origin.
  • (717292) - Substance: Cached data written to disk by 32b and 64b players are now the same.
  • (716513) - Substance: Fewer texture computations should now occur at the end of an asset import, which speeds up material instance addition/deletion.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed auto-setting of emissive-related properties when importing materials with emissive outputs.
  • (none) - Substance: Fixed inspector sluggishness when a lot of visibleIf expressions are present (B2M for instance).
  • (722757) - Substance: If unassigned, the _MainTex shader slot is now only auto-filled if nothing else was assigned to the current shader.
  • (none) - Substance: Re-importing a ProceduralMaterial should no longer cause its texture thumbnails to disappear.
  • (725995) - Substance: Runtime-instantiated ProceduralMaterials now update their own textures.
  • (697741) - Substance: Storage size is now correctly reported for ProceduralTextures.
  • (none) - Tizen: Deploying from Tizen SDK 2.3.1 is now supported.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed a bug preventing the system notification bar from working.
  • (none) - Tizen: Fixed an issue where the audio thread would still do work when an app was in the background or the device locked.
  • (729291) - Tizen: Fixed an issue with some keys on the software keyboard not working as expected.
  • (none) - Tizen: Hide the textfield cursor to match behavior of our other mobile platforms.
  • (729291) - Tizen: Resolved double keyboard input issue.
  • (633717) - UI: Added [DisallowMultipleComponent] to Mask, RectMask2D, ScrollRect, and ToggleGroup
  • (none) - UI: Added clear function to vertex helper.
  • (none) - UI: Big fixes to GC pressure. We were non optimally creating garbage in the UI system when we should not have been.
  • (710495) - UI: Do not render elements with an alpha == 0 or color.a == 0.
  • (709485) - UI: Ensure that when a mask is disabled it does not filter pointer events.
  • (727000) - UI: Fixed bad memory leak in canvas rendering caused by index buffer growing when it is not meant to.  - (none) - UI: Fix for multiple InputFields in a scene having a text being input in one field incorrectly changing the display of other fields while the keyboard is open.
  • (725938) - UI: Fixed an issue where canvas initialization order was 'important' (it should not be). This was causing elements to be located on the wrong part of the screen.
  • (707026) - UI: Fixed an issue where raycast result had the wrong ID which would break sorting.
  • (none) - UI: Fixed performance regression in the UI system caused by accessing a mesh repeatedly. Fix is to use the UI helper class and only finalize to mesh as the last step. We've had to add a backwards compatibility flag to Graphic for determining if we should use mesh (now legacy) or VertexHelper. Both code paths work, but the new one is faster if you are using effects.
  • (718250) - UI: Return the correct Canvas rectangle when using nested canvases. We were returning the incorrect Canvas rectangle previously.
  • (632690) - UI: Removed arbitrary limitation on the number of vertices generated by an image set to tiled mode.
  • (625577) - UI: Set velocity to 0 when a ScrollRect is disabled.
  • (726093) - Universal Windows Apps: Assembly-CSharp projects are generated in subfolder so they wouldn't conflict with other projects in the root folder.
  • (726816) - Universal Windows Apps: AssemblyConverter will correctly find Windows.winmd file when patching assemblies.
  • (728025) - Universal Windows Apps: ReferenceRefwriter will correctly find *.winmd files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\References.
  • (none) - Universal Windows Apps: Removed APIs from WinRTLegacy which were reintroduced by Microsoft in .NET Core 5.0. This should fix errors where same class is implemented both in WinRTLegacy.dll and System.*.dll .
  • (723821) - Unregister http request callbacks on WWW destruction.
  • (none) - WebRequest: Asset bundle loading.
  • (720416) - WebRequest: Some headers are missed in the response.
  • (710903) - Windows Phone 8: Fixed an issue affecting build and run for projects with spaces in their names.
  • (723973), (715315) - Windows Store: Correctly generate Visual Studio project when product name begins with number or contains symbols '(' or ')'.
  • (710668) - WSA/UWP: Fixed black screen when using Linear Color Space and Anti Aliasing.

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Revision: 9d7f6c38e90b

Size & md5sum for Mac

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.2.1p1.dmg 641c0223a3cda500a9c632c194698b21 2493921
Unity-5.2.1p1.pkg 056be5cf12cf284f732df5247cf55cbf 2332192120
Examples-5.2.1p1.pkg f8d7dbad860080bd1605b0766b9e668d 354005531
StandardAssets-5.2.1p1.pkg 7409f631119dca623f5b234de3d92d72 212385028
WebPlayer-5.2.1p1.pkg 928a910639eaf7e822d41422351b557b 2788086

Size & md5sum for PC

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.2.1p1.exe f8d56874185974d7f1c2c0cb4245d199 672632
UnitySetup32-5.2.1p1.exe 80592a21c33db0f204da1dc9c163dba0 1701424888
UnitySetup64-5.2.1p1.exe b7566508093601419b58cb0f01de7dca 1711405624
UnityExampleProjectSetup-5.2.1p1.exe c157e27f60211b2a51b537f347eb8721 295422696
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.2.1p1.exe 9368e826b3d45e135990aff5deccff69 212908720
UnityWebPlayerDevelopment-5.2.1p1.exe fc9d4d47665a2f8d69b4f39bcbfa1079 7406408