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Release: 5.3.x

Released Dec 8, 2015

Buoyancy Effector


A new 2D physics effector that provides 2D buoyancy and fluid-flow forces.

New Joints

  • FrictionJoint2D
  • TargetJoint2D
  • FixedJoint2D
  • RelativeJoint2D

Placeholder Asset Creation Tool


Easily create primitives like diamonds, n-sided polygons, for 2D game prototyping.

Additive animation workflow improvements


Provide workflow where users specify a reference frame for additive animation. We also allow authoring of additive animation clips.

Euler animation curve import


Support for direct import and evaluation of Euler rotation curves in the engine. This is useful for some animation - like Camera cuts - where quaternion baking can't reproduce the exact behaviour of euler curves.

HumanPoseHandler API


Allows to map the pose of a Humanoid Avatar into another Avatar

Deploy: LZ4 data compression


Introduces realtime LZ4 decompression for AssetBundles

Basic Multi-scene Editing


Allows you to open and edit multiple scenes in the editor. Ideal for creating large world

Async Texture Upload


A new feature that enables asynchronous loading of Texture Data from disk and enables time-sliced upload to GPU on the Render-thread. This reduces wait for texture GPU uploads in the main thread.

Frame Debugger Improvements

  • Remote frame debugger: run it on the remote device (e.g. Android).
  • Displays shader properties used by the draw calls.

Multi-threaded Rendering Phase 1

  • Move off main thread:
    • Particles
    • Sprites
    • Flares, Halos, Lines, Trails

OpenGL 4.x support

  • OpenGL 4.5 support in Windows & Linux Standalone and Editor
  • OpenGL 4.1 support in Mac Standalone and Editor
  • OpenGL ES 3.1 AEP support on Windows for emulation
  • Threaded OpenGL rendering on Windows

Render to multiple displays on PC


Shader Optimizations

  • Shader data size / load time / memory improvements for large shaders

JSON Serializer

UnityEngine.JsonUtility is a runtime API for serializing and deserializing objects to JSON format.

MonoDevelop 5.9


Upgrading MonoDevelop to version 5.9

Host Migration


Support for migrating the "host" of a network game to be one of the non-host clients when the host is disconnected or crashes. This should allow the game to continue with only a slight interruption for the other players.

This will work with the network HLAPI for LAN games.

Particles: System Upgrade

  • Custom pivot points
  • Render in world, view or local space
  • 3D rotation
  • System scaling
  • Skinned mesh emitter shape source
  • New 3D collision parameters
  • 2D collision support
  • All module properties can now be set from script, including curves and gradients.
    • Emission, Shape, Velocity over Lifetime, Force over Lifetime, Color over Lifetime, Color by Speed, Size over Lifetime, Size by Speed, Rotation over Lifetime, Rotation by Speed, External Forces, Collision, Sub Emitters and Texture Sheet Animation.
  • Inherit Velocity module: new options for inheriting emitter velocity, including curve support

Platform: Apple TV


IL2CPP for Windows Store Apps


WebGL Improvements

  • Soft Shadow support ​- Better quality for Standard shaders
  • Automatic decompression of downloads if the server does not handle compression

Services: In-App Purchases (IAP) Basic Integration

  • Support for transaction APIs to implement In-App Purchases in your application across the most popular App Stores
  • Supported platforms include: iOS App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, and Universal Windows Apps
  • Support for consumable, non-consumable, and subscription items
  • Aggregate, cross-platform revenue reporting and spender analytics through the Unity Analytics dashboard

SpeedTree: Billboard Improvements

  • Can Cast and receive real-time shadows
  • Performance improvements via batching

Test: Editor Test Runner


Current Release: 5.4.x

Download current release

Released July 28, 2016

Retina/HDPI Support

  • Crisp fonts and 3D views on retina displays on OS X.
  • Most existing editor code will just support retina without changes.

Update: Zoomable game view complete, but late found issue on dependent OpenGL legacy backend prevents making 5.3.

Zoomable Game View

  • Better ability to view resolutions larger than what the Game View can fit.
  • Ability to scroll with scroll bars or zoom out until it fits in the view.

Update: Late found issue on dependent OpenGL legacy backend prevents making 5.3.

Global Illumination: Light probe grids for large objects(Light Probe Proxy Volumes)


The Light Probe Proxy Volume component will offer the possibility to get better ambient lighting information for large dynamic objects that cannot use baked lightmaps. A good fit for this feature would be large particle systems or skinned meshes.

Basic GPU Instancing Support

  • Use GPU instancing to draw a large amount of identical geometries with very few draw calls.
  • Works with BillboardRenderers and MeshRenderers that use the same material and the same mesh.
  • Enhanced Standard shader & SpeedTree shader with instancing support.
  • Only needs a few changes to your own shader to enable it for instancing.
  • Set per-instance shader properties from script via MaterialPropertyBlock.
  • Supported platforms:
    • Windows: DX11 / DX12 with SM 4.0 and up.
    • OS X and mobile platforms support might come in 5.4.
    • Console platforms support will come later.

Depth of Field Image Effect


Improved depth of field, more performant, better quality. Supports multiple aperture shapes, and bokeh textures.

Graphics: DX12


Motion Vector rendering

  • Cameras can render motion vectors for dynamic objects, including skinned meshes
  • Useful for motion blur, temporal anti-aliasing and other post-processing effects
  • Built-in motion vector shaders handle majority of cases; possible to write custom motion vector passes for shaders too

Multi-threaded Rendering Phase 2

  • Parallel command list generation

OpenGL2 legacy support removal on Windows


SSRR (Screen Space Raytraced Reflections)

  • Screen space raytraced reflections (SSRR) image effect is in development, that would provide more accurate reflections where possible, and fallback to reflection probes where screenspace information is missing.

Update: SSRR was split off from 5.2 work. This should just be an asset with the Standard Asset package, so it may still function with 5.2.

Update 2: Feedback is showing that it needs further work, delaying official release while considering a separate experimental release.

Update 3: Available here and on the asset store (when 5.3 is released)

Texture Array support


Expose ability to use DX10/GL3/Metal 2D texture arrays in shaders, with a scripting API to manipulate them.

Tonemapping and Color Grading


Improved color grading with support for LUT, exposure, gamma, and other filmic settings in one post process effect.

Particles: Improvements

  • Performance optimization
  • Non uniform scaling
    • Change the width and height of individual particles independently
  • Scriptable trigger system
    • Detect when particles are inside or outside a collection of physics colliders, and use a script callback to react to the trigger
  • Expose all properties to animation

IL2CPP for Android


Official support, removing experimental label.

Platform: Substance for Windows Store Apps


Sunsetting iOS 6.x support


Sunsetting WebPlayer for all OSes


WebGL Improvements

  • Option for fast build iteration times for development builds

Services: In-App Purchases (IAP) Advanced Integration

  • FakeBillingService to allow testing in sandbox environment
  • Support for client-side receipt verification and backend support for unified receipts
  • Export facilities for bulk upload to the iOS App Store and Google Play
  • Advanced revenue reporting and spender analytics through the Unity Analytics dashboard

Single Pass VR


Improves performance across PC and PS4 integrated VR platforms by drawing to both eyes at the same time.

Native SteamVR support


Integrated VR support for the HTC Vive.