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Unity is designed to fully accommodate the needs of professional teams and developers who work remotely. All Unity customers have access to services and features that help facilitate teamwork.

Update: As of June 22, 2016, all legacy Team License features are now free to all customers. Customers interested these features should also consider Unity Teams, which includes features to keep team members and their project in sync. For more information, go to

Unity Cache Server:

Unity Cache Server drastically reduces the time it takes large teams to import assets. With the Cache Server, switching between different platforms takes significantly less time, thereby boosting productivity. For additional information, see the Unity Cache Server documentation.

3rd party integration:

Unity supports integration with numerous third party Source Control Management (“SCM”) systems, such as such as Perforce and Plastic SCM. Support for additional SCMs are available on the Unity Asset Store.

Download latest versions here

Unity Asset Server

As of January 2017, Unity Asset Server has been formally deprecated. Customers interested in these features should consider using Unity Collaborate - a simple way for teams to save, share, and sync their Unity projects.

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Unity Cache Server

The latest available version of the Unity Cache Server is 6.0

Download on Github Installation guide

Working on Unity 4.x? Download Cache Server for Unity 4 here.

Asset Store

Remember the Asset Store has thousands of ready-made assets in stock.

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    Unity Resources

    There's more to learn! Unity’s learning resources make the road to your game shorter, faster and a lot more fun.

    Installing on Windows

    The exe file contains an automated installer. Simply download the installer exe file and execute it to launch the installer. You have to have administrator privileges on the machine to install it.

    After installing, you should be able to fire up Unity and use it to create projects and users on the newly installed Asset Server.

    Unity Asset Server Version History

    Asset Server 2.0.2 RC 1
    • Fixed OS X 10.10 compatibility issues
    Asset Server 2.0.1 RC 2
    Asset Server 2.0.1 RC 1
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 4
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 3
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 2
    Asset Server 2.0 RC 1
    Asset Server 2.0 alpha 1
    Asset Server 1.0.1 (OS X only)
    Asset Server 1.0
    Asset Server 1.0 RC 1
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 4
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 3
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 2
    Asset Server 1.0 beta 1
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 8
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 7
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 6
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 5
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 4
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 3
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 2
    Asset Server 1.0 alpha 1