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Known Issues in 2021.3.10f1

  • Profiler: Standalone Profiler Crash in RtlEnterCriticalSection on exit (UUM-13932)
    First seen in 2022.2.0b8.

  • AI Navigation Core: NavMesh::Raycast freezes the whole editor in an infinite loop on Application.UpdateScene (UUM-2496)

  • Asset Bundles: AssetBundle indeterminism caused by mesh streaming info (UUM-12721)

  • Graphics Device Features: [Graphics] Crash when submitting depth with no MSAA (UUM-13249)

  • Kernel: [2021.3] Editor crashes on GetTransformAccess when undoing GameObject duplication (UUM-13617)

  • Linux: [Backport] [Linux] Editor crashes at "GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBuffersBatchMode" when entering Play Mode in the LEGO tutorial (UUM-971)

  • MacOS: [M1] Crash on System.Object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific when launching a project (UUM-3207)

  • MacOS: [Mac] Editor performance drops on macOS when clicking and dragging on Position, Rotation and Scale values in Transform component (UUM-7457)

  • Mono: Crash with ScanAssemblyForAttributesAndInterfaceImplementations when opening a project (1376858)

  • Scene Management: Crash when accessing transform component after calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() (UUM-11111)

  • Shader System: Shader variant build preparation does not scale (UUM-3711)

  • Vulkan: [Android][Vulkan] Android GPU Inspector crashes with "Failed to profile the replay. Cause: Replay crash" when using Vulkan Graphics API (UUM-13433)

2021.3.10f1 Release Notes


  • Editor: Added


  • Documentation: Added a summary and code example for IJobParallelForTransform.

API Changes

  • Graphics: Added: Expose Texture2D.ignoreMipmapLimit property to ignore QualitySettings.masterTextureLimit.


  • 2D: Added dialog box to the Skinning Editor when entering Play Mode to allow saving unsaved changes.

  • 2D: Refactored internal triangulation and tessellation APIs.


  • 2D: Creating a new vertex or an edge outside of the main geometry is now handled correctly. (1398541)

  • 2D: Fixed editor crash when calling SpriteAtlasUtility.PackAtlases. (UUM-6965)

  • 2D: Fixed the isolate behavior in the Sprite tab in the Visibility panel. (DANB-67)

  • 2D: When a recursive depth from instantiating GameObjects using a Tilemap Tile reaches a threshold, an error message is logged and the recursive loop is stopped in the Editor or in Development Players. (UUM-8380)

  • 2D: When modifying Sprite Library's Category name after user presses apply, the changes to the name are saved. (DANB-6)

  • Android: Added mono audio output support. (UUM-9205)

  • Android: Fixed a possible crash on many PowerVR based devices. (UUM-7782)

  • Asset Pipeline: Asset preview thumbnails in the Editor's project window would sometimes be missing reflection probe lighting, this has been fixed and re-baking reflection probes (after making some change, such as to the material) will update thumbnails. (UUM-1820)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed 'learn more' online documentation links for asset import workers and Unity Accelerator in the editor UI, so they target the currently loaded version of Unity. (UUM-12248)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where assets with dots in the filename (other than the extension) could incorrectly invoke a warning about mismatched main object names. (UUM-3986)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where the asset database might fail to detect that custom postprocessing of assets had produced an infinite loop during project import. (UUM-867)

  • Audio: Fixed AudioClipPlayable.IsDone is false when AudioClipPlayable.Seek is used to reset the time. (UUM-398)

  • Editor: Fixed a deadlock in Accelerator upload while using '-quit'. (UUM-3184)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue with too many open files when downloading from Accelerator. (UUM-4330)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when OnDemand scheduler tries to upload previews without accelerator connection. (UUM-5544)

  • Editor: Fixed package manager dropdown position sometimes is not fixed below it. Fix some GUIDepth errors. (UUM-11291)

  • Editor: Installing Linux mono and IL2CPP support on mac will no longer keep only the most recently installed of the two. (UUM-1696)

  • Editor: Timestamp for boot.config in user project is now only updated when changed. (UUM-2342)

  • GI: Fixed an issue where environment lighting is missing from player builds when the scene hasn't been baked. (UUM-2743)

  • GI: Fixed APV Partial Baking when using GPU Lightmapper. (UUM-885)

  • GI: Fixed denoising issues with OIDN and OptiX denoisers on GPULM when using different values for direct lighting sample count and indirect lighting sample count. (UUM-2158)

  • GI: Fixed for prefab assets showing in Light Explorer when Show Inactive Objects is checked. (UUM-835)

  • Graphics: Fixed crash in Vulkan Editor on Windows when using XR Mock HMD. (UUM-6726)

  • iOS: Disabled capitalization, autocorrection and others when soft keyboard is secure and input is hidden. (UUM-5974)

  • Networking: Fixed a texture leak when UnityWebRequest is used with DownloadHandlerTexture and a texture is never queried. (UUM-953)

  • Particles: Skip draw call for gpu instanced mesh particle trails if using same material as particles. (UUM-7071)

  • Project Browser: Fixed context menu does not appear when holding Ctrl and pressing left mouse button in the Project window on Mac. (UUM-5191)

  • Scripting: Increased performance by not casting Mathf.Abs to float when passing a float value. (UUM-1821)

  • Serialization: Properly track managed-only classes so they are not stripped by the il2cpp linker. (UUM-4103)

  • Shaders: Fixed a crash when calling GetShaderKeywords on a user-constructed ShaderKeywordSet. (UUM-2536)

  • UI: Unity Game Services projects no longer creates a dropdown when the project names contains a slash in the Editor Project Linking UI.

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed warning caused by unprocessed focus events sometimes happening when detaching a UIDocument containing a focused element from its parent panel. (UUM-1296)

  • Video: A "Can't play movie" error is now thrown when setting VideoPlayer.url to an invalid url through a script. (UUM-11380)

  • Windows: Fixed an issue so that the UnityPlayer.dll properties sheet is now more complete. (UUM-10370)

  • Windows: Fixed incorrect scan codes that are exposed through KeyControl.scanCode of New Input System. (UUM-9029)

Package changes in 2021.3.10f1

Packages updated

Packages added

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Unity 2021.3.10

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