Release notes

Known Issues in 2022.1.21f1

  • Windows - Getting multiple package errors when creating a new project with an SRP and [K2Y-122] NSIS installer build on Windows with missing SRP files.

  • Asset - Database: Folder name is truncated when dot is used in the name (UUM-7046)

  • Asset Importers: Textures are not generated when Naming option in Import Settings of an FBX file is changed to "From Model's Material" (UUM-3640)

  • Optimization: [Mac] Editor performance drops on macOS when clicking and dragging on Position, Rotation and Scale values in Transform component (UUM-7457)

  • Physics: Crash on SetupAxes when duplicating two or more GameObjects at a time (UUM-13136)

  • Scene Management: Undoing prefab instancing leaves ghost objects in scene that throw ArgumentNullExceptions and crash editor when dragged to project view (UUM-16824)

  • Shader System: Shader variant build preparation does not scale (UUM-3711)

  • ShaderGraph: Shader instance property gets added to CBUFFER, which causes GPU instancing with instanced properties to not work (UUM-10963)

  • UI Toolkit Framework: Unity Editor is rendered without the toolbar icons when using it on old hardware with integrated GPU (UUM-13134)

  • Universal RP: Materials scale incorrectly when changing the render scale in UniversalRenderPipelineAsset (UUM-9865)

  • Universal RP: Shader compilation time is higher in 2021.3 than in 2020.3 (UUM-17405)

  • Web Platform: Project fails with "UnityEditor.BuildPlayerWindow+BuildMethodException" when building for the WebGL platform (UUM-17658)

  • XR SRP: Meta Quest performance loss between URP versions when built (UUM-15608)

2022.1.21f1 Release Notes


  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.pixelperfect] Added URP Pixel Perfect Camera converter.


  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.psdimporter] Improved import speed and memory allocation for psd/psb files by reducing the intermediate texture buffers.

  • Animation: Improved animation performance across the board

  • Undo System: The Undo history now records the name of changed properties ("Modified Intensity") instead of just showing "Modified Property"

API Changes

  • Shaders: Added: Added an API to control shader memory usage at runtime. (UUM-5583)


  • Universal RP: Messages regarding reducing resolution for additional punctual lights are now only displayed in debug builds. (UUM-10166)

  • XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 3.2.1 with support for Quest Pro.


  • 2D: Fix memory leak with the TilemapCollider2D when used with a CompositeCollider2D (UUM-15822)

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Fixed a case where moving vertices forcefully in the Skinning editor could cause a quad reset of the mesh. (DANB-7)

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Fixed a case where multi selecting Sprite Skins would cause a null reference exception to be thrown. (DANB-126)

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Fixed a case where pasting bones in the Skinning Editor would move bones rather than copy them.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Fixed a case where setting IKManager2D's or Solver2D's weight to '0' doesn't update solver's effector position.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.animation] Fixed an issue where selecting bones in the Skinning Editor after removing any bone in the skeleton will throw an exception.

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.psdimporter] Fixed an editor freeze caused by over allocating intermediate texture buffers. (DANB-140)

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.psdimporter] Fixed an issue where some layers would become invisible when merging multiple layers together. (DANB-131)

  • 2D: [com.unity.2d.psdimporter] Fixed exception when showing PSDImporter inspector. (DANB-194)

  • AI: Colliders set as trigger are excluded from NavMesh generation (UUM-10109)

  • Android: New Input System's Keyboard class will treat DPad Center button clicks as Key.Enter. Since that's hold the old input was treating them. (UUM-882)

  • Android: Use fixed instancing batch size on PowerVR GPUs on Android with OpenGL ES to avoid long compile times in shader warmup (UUM-739)

  • Audio: Made preLoadAudioData a per platform setting instead of a global default setting. (UUM-362)

  • Burst: Burst will now correctly handle projects that have paths containing semi-colons. (UUM-8322)

  • Editor: Add warning log when the size of a Sprite in a Secondary Texture used in a Sprite Atlas does not match its size in the Main Texture (UUM-11164)

  • Editor: Fix crash with TilemapCollider2D when used with a CompositeCollider2D and a Tile with no Sprite with Collider Type Sprite is set (UUM-15912)

  • Editor: Fix tile palette dropdown flickering (UUM-8307)

  • Editor: Fixed deadlock scenario in shader compiler. (UUM-14040)

  • Editor: Fixed EditorUtility.DisplayDialog layout after showing dialog with a long text (UUM-9447)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where Camera and Lights animations are transferred to the wrong animation clip when importing a FBX file with multiple takes. (UUM-13001)

  • Editor: Fixed lost references to AnimationClips when the ModelImporter clips settings are modified for the first time. (UUM-2203)

  • Editor: Fixed Verify Saved Assets modal window to accept changed graphics api (UUM-6898)

  • Editor: Frame Debugger: Fixed an issue where the window would constantly refresh when debugging a remote device. (UUM-4096)

  • Linux: Fixed scrolling with the scroll wheel is slower on builds when using the New Input System package on Linux Standalone. (UUM-12564)

  • Linux: Fixed Verify Saved Assets modal window to accept user input (UUM-6897)

  • Physics: Fixed ArticulationBody indices not matching when using methods like GetJointPositions and GetDriveTargets (UUM-1805)

  • Prefabs: Handle ManagedReferences that cannot be applied or reverted. Also make sure the root of the Managed Reference can be applied to apply sub fields that are overriden. (UUM-5961)

  • Shaders: Exposed Player settings to control shader memory usage at runtime. (UUM-5583)

  • UI Toolkit: Fix backspace support on linux. (UUM-3695)

  • UI Toolkit: Fixed an issue where creating a UI Document would re-generate the UXML schema files every time. (UUM-3985)

  • UI Toolkit: Prevent Tab key propagation when already handled in user scripts. (UUM-3694)

  • Universal RP: Fixed a resource leak when switching between scenes with different pipeline assets (UUM-14239)

  • Universal RP: Fixed graphics stereo tests

  • Video: Remove spike on the main thread when changing the video clip (UUM-878)

  • Windows: Fixed cursor position not updated when using pen tablet with Windows Ink enabled (UUM-10258)

  • Windows: Fixed Input.mousePosition not updated when using a tablet (UUM-11989)

Package changes in 2022.1.21f1

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