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Known Issues in 2022.1.8f1

  • AI Navigation: NavMesh::Raycast freezes the whole editor in an infinite loop on Application.UpdateScene (UUM-2496)

  • Asset - Database: The creating and import of a new script in Editor became really slow in trunk (UUM-2620)

  • HD RP: [HDRP] refraction proxy volumes projection breaks depending on camera orientation and position (UUM-3324)

  • Linux: [Backport] [Linux] Editor crashes at "GfxDeviceGLES::DrawBuffersBatchMode" when entering Play Mode in the LEGO tutorial (UUM-971)

  • MacOS: [Mac] Editor performance drops on macOS when clicking and dragging on Position, Rotation and Scale values in Transform component (UUM-7457)

  • Package: Empty "StreamingAssets" folder gets created after building an empty project (1423325)

  • Scene/Game View: Game View is not displayed after setting language pack in Editor (1420291)

  • Shader System: Editor crashes when building if calling "ShaderKeyword" methods in "IPreprocessShaders" classes (UUM-2536)

  • Text: [Mac] ShortcutManager ignores Shift modifier (UUM-4083)

2022.1.8f1 Release Notes


  • XR: The Oculus XR Plugin package has been updated to 3.0.2.


  • Android: Allow any file to be selected as keystore (previously only .keystore was supported). (UUM-917)

  • Android: Fixed a potential app store validation issue related to a QueryIntentActivities() call when initializing the engine.

  • Android: Fixed crash during low memory kill. (UUM-4811)

  • Asset Pipeline: Fixed an issue where generating previews of some prefabs could raise an 'unknown importer' error in the console. (UUM-2908)

  • Editor: Fixed crash on Linux when opening and closing standalone profiler in the editor. (UUM-5543)

  • Editor: Fixed padding/alignment on "on play behavior' menu items. (1376990)

  • Editor: Gradient's location value could not be edited for rgb swatches using the keyboard. (1420954)

  • Editor: Maximize on Play no longer steals focus, listens to "focus" checkbox instead. (1376988)

  • Editor: Speed up drag & drop in the Project view on large projects. (1314065)

  • GI: Fixed the pushoff setter on GPU lightprobes baking. (UUM-857)

  • GI: Light Probes lose their lighting data after entering Play mode when Baked and Realtime GI are enabled. (UUM-3968)

  • Graphics: Draw calls with not all ComputeBuffers bound correctly can lead to crashes on M1. Calls are now discarded and error message is output with shader name. (1395963)

  • Graphics: Fixed false positives from checking if all buffers are bound correctly on Metal.

  • HDRP: Added an error message in the custom pass volume editor when custom passes are disabled in the HDRP asset. (1407146)

  • HDRP: Changed back height of the path tracing progress bar to 0.5% of the resolution. (1404944)

  • HDRP: Fixed custom pass material editor not displaying correctly read-only materials. (1411764)

  • HDRP: Fixed DRS resolution not working for custom post process / custom passes. Pre post effect passes looked croppted (case 1398904). (1398904)

  • HDRP: Fixed error on lens flare enabled causing motion vectors to be faulty. (1398635)

  • HDRP: Fixed flickering tiles on FPTL when light count exceeds 32 on vulkan. Caused by a compiler bug vulkan only (case 1401605). (1401605)

  • HDRP: Fixed HDRP Wizard windows duplicated when entering in play mode. (1407981)

  • HDRP: Fixed issue with overblown exposure when doing scene filtering. (1333684)

  • HDRP: Fixed issue with path tracing, when Ambient Occlusion Remapping is forced to zero on materials. (1401329)

  • HDRP: Fixed lens flare wobbling caused by using jittered matrix, more visible with DLSS (case 1403463). (1403463)

  • HDRP: Fixed min percentage of dynamic resolution in HDRenderPipeline not clamped (case 1408155). (1408155)

  • HDRP: Fixed missing menu item to create reflection proxy volume. (1401202)

  • HDRP: Fixed Reflection Proxy Volume allowing negative values. (1401205)

  • HDRP: Fixed the history buffers being all discarded when the number of ColorPyramidBuffers changed (case 1405726). (1405726)

  • HDRP: Updated frame diagram image in documentation (missing Flim grain and Dithering). (1407628)

  • HDRP: Virtual texturing streaming loading no longer hindered by transparent materials. Transparent materials, depending on their transmitance or alpha, will let the VT streaming system requests textures appropiately. (UUM-6402)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid an stack overflow during code conversion when an attribute constructor uses the attribute itself. (UUM-3907)

  • IL2CPP: Avoid incorrect behavior of the Array::Set method when the faster (smaller) builds IL2CPP code generation option is used. (1411185)

  • IL2CPP: Copy .h source plugin files into the Gradle project generated for Android builds. (UUM-3641)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed "Cannot add a generic parameter reference without an instance" error when converting a method with a generic function pointer. (1427170)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed issue where assemblies with an instance method and a static method with the same name, parameters, and return type would cause the build to fail. (1411168)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed issue where Assembly.GetType() on a type without a namespace could match a nested type with the same name and issue where Assembly.GetType() did not respect the ignoreCase flag for nested types. (1422119)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed performance issues in metadata access with thread contention. (UUM-609)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed performance regression in regular expressions. (UUM-590)

  • IL2CPP: Fixed possible runtime crash when a generic type is used as a base class generic parameter. (UUM-1129)

  • IL2CPP: Throw a managed exception when CreateDelegate is called with a delegate type that was not generated ahead of time. (UUM-817)

  • Linux: Fixed missing game controller mappings for certain controllers. (1384896)

  • Mono: Corrected issue where FileSystemEventArgs.FullPath did not return a fully qualified path. (UUM-1822)

  • Mono: Fixed "The BinaryReader read data to a Span is always zero.". (UUM-866)

  • Mono: Fixed issue where FileSystemEventArgs.FullPath would have an incorrect path if FileWatcher event was on a file in a subdirectory. (1397564)

  • Particles: When using the Built-in Rendering Pipeline, prevent the Standard Unlit Particle shader from performing unnecessary lighting calculations on the CPU. (UUM-827)

  • Prefabs: Fixed Overrides window height is not adjusted when notifications are also present in this window. (UUM-905)

  • Profiler: Fixed untracked memory allocated via AsyncUploadManager when browsing Addressables. (1410384)

  • UI Toolkit: This fixes the following:

    • 1357086: Changes in UI Builder are lost when editing a 2D sprite
    • UIT-1233: UIBuilder: Message in dialog unclear - "UI Builder: Document has unsaved changes"
      The message appearing on screen is now clearer and a bit more explanatory for users. While it doesn't fix the problem at the source, it at least informs users more efficiently (about the reasons why they ended up there). (UUM-847)
  • URP: URP 2D - Fixes vertex color for sprite shapes. (UUM-1921)

  • VFX Graph: Custom attribute blend block was missing a range slider for the blend property. (UUM-6095)

  • VFX Graph: Fixed node input type could be changed when inserting a new node on an edge. (1408203)

  • VFX Graph: OutputParticle context inspector content could shift vertically when resizing the inspector panel. (UUM-6636)

  • VFX Graph: VFX asset preview is not animated by default anymore to save cpu usage. (1367447)

  • VFX Graph: VFX Graph gizmo cannot be manipulated anymore. (1398351)

  • Web: This PR implements Application.RequestUserAuthorization/HasUserAuthorization API: and sets the front facing mode of devices that don't include "front" or "back" in their label to true. (1283191)

  • XR: Fixed XR devices not following RunInBackground setting in Player Setting on PC standalone and playmode in Editor.

Package changes in 2022.1.8f1

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