Unity 4.5.3

The Unity 4.5.3 release brings you some new features and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.5 Release Notes.

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Release notes


  • Core: Added Resources.LoadAsync() to asynchronously load assets from the Resources folders (Pro only).
  • Editor: Added iOS support for Unity Remote 4 on Windows.
  • Graphics: Added support for the -nographics command line argument in OS X.
  • Windows Phone: Unity now supports building native Windows Phone 8.1 applications.
  • Windows Store / Phone: Unity now supports building “Universal” Windows Store/Phone applications.
  • Windows Player: Added ability to select target monitor in the resolution dialog, including devices like Oculus Rift.
  • Windows Player: Added option to run in either exclusive full-screen mode or windowed full-screen mode with DirectX 9. DirectX 11 always runs in “windowed fullscreen” mode now. This fixes Alt-Tab issues and “run in background” functionality, among other things.


  • 2D: Reduced Sprite Packer memory requirements.
  • 2D: Sprite Packer will write atlases to cache earlier in the packing process. Now they can be recovered after cancelling packing or in case of a crash.
  • 2D: Sprite.packed will return the correct value if a packed sprite is loaded from an asset bundle in the editor.
  • 2D: Fixed vertex snapping of sprites with non-default pivots.
  • 2D: SpriteEditor will not throw exceptions when a cubemap/reflection texture is selected.
  • Android: Fixed ANR when the application is paused with an active touch.
  • Android: Fixed OnApplicationFocus event.
  • Android: Fixed possible crash when calling Application.Quit in OnApplicationPause().
  • Animation: Fixed an issue whereby playing a full-body additive animation caused the character to slide around the scene wildly.
  • Animation: Fixed crash when previewing a transition.
  • Animation: Fixed getting invalid rotation when animating some specific transform hierarchy.
  • Audio: Fix for audio streaming from WWW objects.
  • Editor: Fixed freeze on printing long strings to console log (limited single entry length to 16k characters).
  • Editor: Pressing the down arrow in the hierarchy window's search box now immediately jumps to first result.
  • Editor: Fixed regression of importing scripts when running editor in batch mode.
  • Editor: Spawned child processes will no longer inherit files opened by the Editor on Windows. Fixes issues with VCS or shader compiler processes holding locks to files.
  • iOS: Correctly receive input events when VoiceOver is enabled.
  • iOS: Enabled 1080p WebCamTexture.
  • iOS: Fixed script AOT compiler memory leak while compiling generic classes.
  • iOS: Fixed script AOT compiler out of memory crash.
  • iOS: Fixed Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie on iOS8.
  • iOS: Fixed touch coordinates being wrong under interface rotation.
  • iOS: Warn Pro users about missing splash screen images in release builds.
  • iOS: Fixed app home directory that now points to the permitted path of Documents.
  • iOS: Added support for files with multiple fonts when building dynamic font metadata cache.
  • iOS: Combined splash screen warnings into one.
  • iOS: Added Xcode 6 "Build and Run" support.
  • iOS: Made non-readable meshes to take less memory.
  • iOS: Fixed Video Playback issues in case of plugging/unplugging headphones.
  • Mobile Rendering: Fixed multi-threaded rendering issues with picking wrong format for RenderTextures used in Image Effects.
  • Mobile Rendering: Fixed native rendering plugins in OnPreRender breaking rendering.
  • Mobile Rendering: Fixed multi-threaded rendering issues with dynamic meshes on OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • Mobile Rendering: Fixed image effects in case of MSAA on OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • Networking: Fixed a leak of 256k per WWW instance, when loading uncompressed AssetBundles from disk.
  • Physics 2D: Added ability to select whether deleting a 2D collider or rigid body during a collision callback stops remaining callbacks or not.
  • Physics 2D: Fixed regression where 2D colliders didn't update when animated.
  • Physics 2D: Fixed crash when Rigidbody2D component is destroyed during contact callback.
  • Physics 2D: Ensure that the lower/upper translation limits on JointTranslationLimit2D are correct with respect to each other (used on SliderJoint2D).
  • Physics 2D: Stop interpolation/extrapolation from being halted during next physics update when a new Rigidbody2D is added.
  • Shaders: Fixed more cases of errors in shaders not being reported on correct line numbers (for GLSL platforms).
  • Shaders: Fixed wrong HLSL-to-GLSL translation of clip() with a vector argument.
  • Shuriken: Fix for re-enabled particle system which was disabled before it has finished.
  • Substance: Normal maps are correctly displayed now in the Editor when targeting GL platforms.
  • Substance: Thumbnails for normal maps are now generated correctly instead of being displayed in grayscale.
  • Substance: Fixed crash when baking a ProceduralTexture without mipmaps to a compressed format.
  • Substance: Fixed ProceduralMaterials looking black after disabling the ProceduralMaterialInspector.
  • Version Control: Adding files in perforce would escape special characters such as '@' into '%40'. This issue has been fixed.
  • Windows Phone: Fixed an issue which caused serialization weaver to crash sometimes when processing methods that return IEnumerable.
  • Windows Phone: Winmd plugins are now correctly handled.
  • Windows Phone: Editor reports if arrays with generic element types that can cause crash at runtime are used.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Enum.ToObject now works with all primitive types.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Methods returning boolean values are now correctly handled.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Plugins that are signed with strong name now work properly.
  • Windows Phone / Store: When compiling JS/Boo files, debugging information will be added only when Development checkbox is on, previous behavior was debugging information was always being added.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Fixed an issue which caused private members are not initialized in serializable class.
  • Windows Phone / Store: Structs are always serialized correctly.
  • Windows Player: Fixed Alt-Tab in DirectX 11 full-screen mode freezing the application.
  • Windows Player: Run in Background now works properly in DirectX 9 fullscreen mode.
  • Windows Player: Performance improvements including lower latency in DirectX 11 mode.
  • Windows Player: The default full-screen mode no longer changes the desktop resolution, so things like IME text input work.
  • Windows Player: Hint to NVIDIA driver that it should use the discrete GPU in Optimus chipsets.
  • Windows Store Apps: Added support for TouchScreenKeyboard.text property.
  • Windows Store Apps: Portable class libraries can now successful use methods like Type.GetFields or Type.GetProperties.
  • Windows Store Apps: Show keyboard when TouchScreenKeyboard.Open() is called, no need to manually set active to true.
  • Windows Store Apps: Added support for key modifiers in GUI events.
  • Windows Store Apps: Fixed the return value of SystemInfo.supportsLocationService.


Unity 4.5.3

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