Unity 4.6.2

The Unity 4.6.2 release brings you some improvements and fixes. Read the release notes below for details.

For more information about the previous main release, see the Unity 4.6 Release Notes.

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Release notes


  • Support for iOS 64-bit builds using il2cpp.


  • The Flash build target is no longer supported from this release onwards.


  • Audio: Added WWW.GetAudioClipCompressed. Allows AudioClips obtained via WWW class to be loaded into memory compressed, similar to "Compressed in Memory" import option.
  • Graphics: Added MaterialPropertyBlock.Set*() methods to overwrite existing values in a MaterialPropertyBlock instead of adding duplicates.
  • iOS: Add basic launch screen support.
  • iOS: Expose “set pause” as ObjC API.
  • Linux: Added more font fallbacks for Latin and CJK.
  • Oculus GearVR: Enabled low latency audio support.
  • Oculus Plugin: Future Oculus Plugin releases will no longer require Direct_To_Rift.exe
  • Oculus: Added VR friendly splash screen for Unity Free.
  • Scene View: DrawGizmo attribute now reports errors when used incorrectly, and has better documentation.
  • Standalone: Screen.dpi implemented for OSX and Windows standalone platforms.
  • UI: Change Text.m_Text to protected and Text.text to virtual. In this way users can have control over the text contents when extending Text.
  • UI: Expose EventSystem.firstSelected to API.
  • WebPlayer UnityObject: It is now possible to identify the webplayer runtime version before loading content. This makes it possible to load different content based on the runtime version already installed.


  • 2D: Custom sprites are now forced to have unique name when created through Sprite Editor.
  • 2D: Fixed PolygonCollider2D mesh generation on Android.
  • 2D: Hotkey for sprite Trim 'T' doesn't intervene with sprite naming anymore.
  • 2D: Single sprite pivot will be now properly saved in Sprite Editor.
  • 2D: Sprite importer multi-editing now works for packing tag, pixels per unit and extrude fields.
  • 2D: Sprite Packer page list is now refreshed after packing.
  • Android: Android TV - do not strictly require accelerometer and microphone.
  • Android: Fix for NullReferenceException causing a crash.
  • Android: Fixed a file-loading problem which occasionally caused 'Inflate Error' messages & freezes or crashes when loading resources on Android.
  • Android: Fixed broken texture upload from OnApplicationPause(false).
  • Android: Fixed build failure on x86 Java on Windows.
  • Android: Fixed CJK fonts on Android Lollipop.
  • Android: Fixed possible crash in hardware stats code.
  • Android: Fixed deadlock when calling UnityPlayer.pause() too early.
  • Android: Fixed freeze during startup on some Amazon Kindle devices.
  • Android: Fixed freeze on focus change when app is not paused (e.g. keyboard input).
  • Android: Fixed Japanese Kana fonts on Android Lollipop.
  • Android: Fixed lights-out mode on Android Lollipop.
  • Android: Fixed possible lost wakeup in UnityPlayer when rapidly calling pause/resume.
  • Android: Fixed theme attribute in default manifest to hide title bar during startup.
  • Android: Increase maximum memory available to Java when building for Android.
  • Animation: Animation window no longer shows 'Function not supported' for events on secondary MonoBehaviours.
  • Animation: Don't expose multiple entries for a source clip in AnimatorOverrideController.
  • Animation: Optimize and DeoptimizeTransformHierarchy are available in runtime as well as editor.
  • Asset Import: Imported assets now update the project label database correctly.
  • Asset Import: Restored previous behaviour of AssetModificationProcessor.OnWillSaveAssets to ignore null or void return values.
  • Asset Import: Reserialize imported .unitypackage assets to comply with project's Force Binary / Force Text serialization setting.
  • Core: Fixed incorrect error message when RectTransform.GetWorldCorners is called with incorrect parameters.
  • Core: PPtr animations now properly trigger the OnDidApplyAnimationProperties callback.
  • Editor: Allow viewing of all ModelImporter tabs when the model is not open for edit.
  • Editor: Fixed importing of .DDS textures with XRGB color formats.
  • Editor: Fixed a bug where driven RectTransform would incorrectly mark the scene dirty if it had a Vector2 where one coord was driven and the other not. Such a setup is common with the ContentSizeFitter UI component.
  • Editor: Fixed a small memory leak related to FormerlySerializedAs attribute.
  • Editor: Fixed bugs that caused UnityEvent object references to change by themselves with no user action when selecting multiple objects.
  • Editor: Fixed lagginess in editor when destroying multiple elements.
  • Editor: Fixed navigation to next / previous animation keyframes when there are subframe keyframes.
  • Graphics: Worked around some GPU driver bugs that were causing crashes when using OpenGL ES 3.0.
  • Graphics: Fixed possible memory corruption when using dynamic batching on platforms that support NEON.
  • Graphics: Fixed D3D9 handling of unsupported BGRA32 texture format to fall back properly to ARGB32.
  • Graphics: Texture2D.PackTextures will produce an ARGB4444-format atlas if all input textures are ARGB4444/RGBA4444.
  • iOS: Do not rotate splash view on non 6+ iPhones.
  • iOS: Ensure that Input.touches is not changed during the frame.
  • iOS: Fixed 2nd stage splash orientation on iOS 8.0+ landscape.
  • iOS: Fixed crash when text field contents are modified via script and undo is used.
  • iOS: Fixed OpenGL ES backbuffer size determination (fixes iPhone6+ zoomed mode).
  • iOS: Fixed local notifications for iOS 8.0. You should call NotificationServices.RegisterForLocalNotificationTypes before scheduling first notification.
  • iOS: Fixed messed up terminal settings if building for iOS from console.
  • iOS: Fixed skewed image on secondary display (AirPlay).
  • iOS: Fixed splash screen check on Xcode 5 when iPhone 6 splashes are present.
  • iOS: Fixed Xcode 6.2 support.
  • iOS: Increased stack allocator size on iOS.
  • iOS: On iOS set no backup flag on __info cache file.
  • iOS: Register SubstanceArchive when procedural materials are used.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Correctly emit method, property, field, and event counts for array types
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Dramatically reduce the amount of warnings the generated code produces.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed Armv7 linker errors ("b/bl/blx ARM branch out of range").
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed crash in reflecting over custom attributes.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Gamecenter integration works now.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect code being generated for open generic types deriving from UnityEngine.Object.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed memory leak in reflection code.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Fixed race condition in internal reflection implementation.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Ignore managed types not in the UnityEngine namespace when the types which should not be stripped are discovered.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: BinaryFormatter serializer works now.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Generated C++ code is a lot easier to read now.
  • iOS/IL2CPP: Treat arrays created with a lower bound of zero (via Array.CreateInstance) as SZARRAY types.
  • Linux: Make device unique identifier more consistent.
  • Mac OS X Standalone: Release player builds are now stripped off symbols again.
  • MonoDevelop: Generated solutions include 'indent size' directive to match tab size now.
  • Oculus Plugin: Fixed GearVR Unity Pro + Android Basic license issue.
  • Physics 2D: HingeJoint2D gizmo is displayed correctly with respect to any reference angle.
  • Physics 2D: Changes to the EdgeCollider2D points are now saved when used in prefabs.
  • Physics 2D: Setting the Rigidbody2D position or rotation directly now wakes the body.
  • Physics 2D: SliderJoint2D & HingeJoint2D reference angles are now reset when connecting to another Rigidbody2D.
  • Physics 2D: Static 2D collider gizmos now render at the correct Transform Z position.
  • Scripting: Fixed a harmless but annoying error message when using StopCoroutine(Coroutine).
  • Scripting: Fixed issue with Console.InputEncoding and Console.OutputEncoding throwing an exception the first they were set on the .NET 2.0 Subset profile.
  • Shaders: Fixed editor memory leak in shader error reporting.
  • UI: Changing any Transition settings on a Selectable Component will now immediately reflect on the Scene and Game View.
  • UI: Don't apply AspectRatioFitter logic when component is inactive.
  • UI: Fixed a bug which caused wrong Y cursor alignment in TextField with custom fonts.
  • UI: Fixed division by zero if ScrollRect content size has zero width or height.
  • UI: Fixed issue where adding and removing a parent canvas wouldn't update parent canvas relationship of child objects.
  • UI: Fixed issue where keyboard would not display on mobile devices.
  • UI: Fixed regression with events being sent to wrong object in some cases when using multiple GraphicRaycasters.
  • UI: Make sure we copy the pointer enter for the right and middle mouse pointers when we fetch them.
  • UI: Moved EventSystemEditor from UnityEditor.UI namespace to UnityEditor.EventSystems namespace.
  • UI: Prevent the '/n' from appearing when reactivating an input-field in the disable call.
  • UI: Sliced image with transparent borders (padding) works correctly with non-default pixelsPerUnit.
  • UI: When activating the standaloneInputModule do not set selected element to NULL.
  • Version Control: Fixed drag-dropping assets between change lists only moving a single asset.
  • Windows Phone 8: It's now possible to specify plugins that should not be processed just like in Windows Store Apps.
  • Windows Phone 8.1/Store Apps: Fixed an issue which caused casting arrays in UnityScript sometimes throw MissingMethodException deep inside Boo.Lang.dll.
  • Windows Phone/Store Apps: Fixed a rare crash that was caused by skinned meshes.
  • WWW: Fixed bug in WWW Caching when WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload is canceled using WWW.Dispose.


Unity 4.6.2

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