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Release notes


  • (1054187(1045785)) - Android: Fixed android crash on startup related to having 18 thousand or more assets.
  • (1007037) - Asset Import: Fixed avatar reference set in model importer causing false dependencies if it's not being used.
  • (None) - Audio: Increased stack size for FMOD file thread to 64KB on all platforms.
  • (966226) - Editor: Fixed crashes when importing invalid DDS files.
  • (1057110(1056226)) - GI: Fixed issue where shadow options were not displayed in the light UI.
  • (1050302) - Graphics: Fixed crash when using Reflection Probes excessively.
  • (986332) - Graphics: Fixed Metal crash or freeze instead of error message using old asset bundle.
  • (1008623) - Graphics: Fixed a bug with DrawMeshInstancedIndirect not working on Adreno and some Nvidia GPUs on Android.
  • (1035793) - IL2CPP: Fixed exception when child of Text Mesh Pro object is detached.
  • (1002072) - Linux: Upgraded SDL to 2.0.7 to fix key-repeat issues in the Linux Player.
  • (None) - Scene Management: Improved error messages when internal systems don't clean up transform change interests properly.
  • (1051903(1051901)) - Scripting: Fixed Visual Studio reloads all package .csprojs when adding or removing a .cs file in the project.
  • (1056432(1053937)) - Timeline: Fixed issue where the PlayableDirector would not report the correct state when going into play mode after the editor was previously paused.
  • (1045453(1041034)) - Web: Fixed crash when unused assets are unloaded during texture creation in UnityWebRequest.
  • (1049133(1041274)) - Web: Fixed crash when sending the same UnityWebRequest twice.
  • (1051062) - XR: Fixed camera rotation not taken into account when rendering to cubemap for 360 Capture.

Revision: 24bbd83e8b9e

Unity 2018.1.9f1

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