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  • (1070250 (1064071)) - 2D: Fixed an issue where building sprite atlas via batchmode with -no-graphics on the command line would result in point sampled sprites.
  • (1064876 (1063235)) - Asset Import: Fixed FBX model import crash when importing files that contains stereo cameras.
  • (1072565 (1045074)) - Editor: Fixed drag/dropping material preset onto a material not correctly refreshing the material inspector and the material icon.
  • (1072564)- Editor: Fixed PresetManagerEditor not correctly refreshing the list of available presets whenever the list of the manager is changing.
  • (1066405) - IL2CPP: Prevented a memory leak in delegate unsubscription with the new script runtime.
  • (1068657) - IL2CPP: Prevented a crash in il2cpp::os::Image::Initialize when Unity is embedded in another app on iOS.
  • (1045881 (1027704)) (1030311) - iOS: Fixed crash when using Depth Only camera and when using LWSRP.
  • (1042973) - UI: Fixed FieldMouseDragger on labels in ShaderGraph.
  • (1047330) - XR: Windows MR now reports it's inputs properly and no longer spams the console.
  • (None) - XR: XR.InputTracking now only reports XRNodeStates for connected controllers on mobile.

Revision: c591d9a97a0b

Changeset: c591d9a97a0b

Unity 2018.2.6f1

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