Correção 5.0.0p3

Liberado: 26. March 2015

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Estamos felizes em anunciar a Unity 5.0.0p3. As Notas da Edição e o link correspondente à Gestão de problemas para os problemas corrigidos nesta edição aparecem abaixo.

Como sempre, as edições de correção são recomendadas apenas para os usuários afetados pelos problemas corrigidos nessa correção.


  • Platforms: Unity Professional users can now optionally show the builtin Unity Splash Screen on applicable platforms. Setting is in the Player Settings.


  • Android: Added FB clear to devices that would prefer discard FB but don't have the discard frame buffer extension.
  • Android: Added profiling stats for blit to screen and input processing.
  • Android: Joystick input optimization, fixes slowdown on some older devices.
  • Android: Parsing device specific xml font configurations to determine system/fallback fonts in addition to the hard-coded list of fontnames.
  • Android: Splash screen is now shown in full screen mode.
  • GI: Don't calculate AO when AO exponent is 0.
  • GI: Output more stats per system and in total: vertex count, face count, chart count and texel count.
  • GI: Removed an unnecessary warning that realtime GI is not supported on PS3 and Xbox360 when finishing a bake in non-continuous mode.
  • GI: Sped up baked lightmaps compositing.
  • GI: Spit out timings of the precompute and bake to the Editor log. Timer resets when clearing GI data, exiting continuous mode or cancelling a bake.
  • iOS: Improve launch screen support
    • Added option to disable launch screen
    • Added option to display relatively sized image on a specific background
  • Linux: Query Mesa driver for amount of video memory when feasible.
  • Physics 2D: Joint2D property 'collideConnected' renamed to 'enableCollision' to match 3D physics.
  • Physics 2D: PlatformEffector2D property renames based upon feedback: oneWay->useOneWay, sideFriction->useSideFriction & sideBounce->useSideBounce.


  • (666924) - AI: Fixed an issue where using all navmesh area types in mask didn't work.
  • (682031) - AI: Fixed an issue where warping disabled agents would leak simulated agent.
  • (675563) - Android: Fixed an issue with the job system which caused battery drain and bad performance.
  • (675681) - Android: Fixed Auto target graphics mode on devices which think they support ES 3.0 without proper hardware.
  • (none) - Android: Fixed crashes / touch problems when applying ForwardNativeEventsToDalvik to a non-NativeActivity.
  • (680724) - Android: Fixed non-hidden status bar and status bar related touch issues.
  • (678003) - Android: Fixed sensor compensation issue affecting devices when rotated180 degrees.
  • (681045) - Android: Input - Fixed axis stuck on Android TV after hiding keyboard.
  • (none) - Android: Removed some bogus print-outs to the logcat regarding gles_mode and development_player.
  • (676721) - Asset Loading: Fixed loading of GI data from an AssetBundle.
  • (677465) - Asset Loading: Fixed the issue that streamed scenes don't draw layered UI in canvases correctly.
  • (669690) - Audio: Fixed "Trying to play disposed sound!" error message.
  • (672225), (664705), (679685) - BugReporter: Send empty subdirectories of directory attachment. Improved filtering of unnecessary subdirectories under Unity project. Can launch when some parts of the engine might not be initialized yet.
  • (677033) - Editor: Plugin inspector - set ARMv6 Android plugins incompatible to avoid collisions.
  • (679482) - GI: Fixed "Mobile/Unlit (Supports Lightmap)" shader and other fixed function shaders using lightmaps.
  • (677475) - GI: Made Gradient ambient mode properly affect realtime and baked GI.
  • (663176) - GI: Made lightmaps be properly compressed on mobile platforms.
  • (none) - GI: Report errors from jobs correctly when run in an external process.
  • (none) - GI: Reset the texture filter mode after rendering object preview in lighting window.
  • (678107), (662774), (677833), (678139), (674949), (676451), (676587), (678318) - iOS/IL2CPP: Correct a number of problems related to WebRequest and ThreadPool interaction:
    • Fixed WebRequests getting stuck in socket polling stage when the stage should be skipped.
    • Fixed a queuing bug that may lead to WebRequests arriving at the same time and being used incorrectly.
    • Fixed deadlock when socket exits polling stage when I/O pool is at max capacity and worker threads are in wait state.
    • Fixed race condition in static constructor calling.
    • Fixed assert "pthread_equal (pthread_self (), m_Handle) && 'Must be called on current thread!'".
    • Fixed thread interruption logic incorrectly thinking that another thread was still waiting.
    • Fixed deadlock on shutdown if socket polling thread was still waiting for network traffic.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Corrected a problem with Delegate.CreateDelegate.
  • (677830) - iOS/IL2CPP: Explicitly declare generic types and array types that are created at run-time via Type.MakeGenericType and Type.MakeArrayType in the il2cpp_extra_types.txt file, so that IL2CPP will AOT compile them.
  • (669282) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle 4D arrays.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Handle delegate invoke with nested delegates where the method which is invoked on the outer delegate is a static method.
  • (none) - iOS/IL2CPP: Assembly.Load() now accepts assembly name in full name format.
  • (679271) - iOS/Metal: Fixed FFP codegen in case of cubemaps are used.
  • (681081) - iOS/Metal: Fixed RT mip-map generation.
  • (677604) - iOS/Metal: Fixed vector_insert_TODO appearing in some shaders.
  • (673954) - iOS: Added Xcode 6.3 compatibility.
  • (none) - iOS: Disabled unnecessary copies of dll files to the Xcode project directory.
  • (668997) - iOS: Exposed iOSOverrideIPodMusic in player settings.
  • (664563) - iOS: Fixed a typo in UnityRegisterViewControllerListener().
  • (none) - iOS: Fixed an issue with the job system which caused battery drain and bad performance.
  • (681023) - iOS: Fixed changing from autorotation to enforced screen orientation in case of this orientation being already current.
  • (674057) - iOS: Fixed iPad Mini 3rd gen detection.
  • (668511), 672455) - iOS: Improved Xcode project handling robustness.
  • (652658) - iOS: Report a fake Status: HTTP header for informational purposes.
  • (none) - iOS: Set default scripting backend to il2cpp on iOS.
  • (669467) -  iOS: Show an error on removal of targets in Xcode project.
  • (675838) - Linux: Fixed crash when swapping UI sprites.
  • (675838) - Linux: Hide system cursor when using software cursor.
  • (681446) - Physics 2D: Center-of-mass and Inertia can now be set on a Rigidbody2D component even if it has no Collider2D components attached.
  • (663460) - Physics 2D: Stop 2D colliders falling through EdgeCollider2D components.
  • (680467) - Physics 2D: Stop crash when NULL passed to 'Collider2D.IsTouching', 'Physics2D.IsTouching' or 'Physics2D.IsTouchingLayers'.
  • (648782) - Rendering: Now the back buffer is cleared after the resolution is changed from a script in Windows standalone.
  • (668199) - Serialization: Fixed crash when reading file references from long property names.
  • (none) - Terrain: Fixed a crash when a terrain was using TerrainData with missing textures.
  • (677464), (675843), 677090) - Terrain: Fixed an issue where modifying terrain heights would result in an inconsistency between the visual and the collision.
  • (647126) - WWW: Fixed incorrect HTTP status 100 when POST data was relatively large.

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Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.0.0p3.exe f09616a6dbff48e12e8a94991b68abb3 653960
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.0.0p3.dmg 1f785816f0b68a624120cbf010f1bcc8 2485383
UnitySetup64-5.0.0p3.exe 842dce5143465b268db5c74c9b1b9502 1248233664
UnitySetup32-5.0.0p3.exe f9b56098c6fa5174bda2f68d3cdd0055 1240360584
UnityWebPlayerDevelopment-5.0.0p3.exe b9047c868ab54711806448a7ba5ea5db 7206104
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.0.0p3.exe 7ea6d5963f93c90dbf2b11e33f1d7dbe 208630968
UnityExampleProjectSetup-5.0.0p3.exe 40d4949f26c2aebdcb392056af6659ae 289179104
Unity-5.0.0p3.pkg 4672c331e19ee5edb4e2449282e451c4 1768783993
WebPlayer-5.0.0p3.pkg e984eece62bb7a57675623288938f6f2 2774896
StandardAssets-5.0.0p3.pkg 3516528dd0a83167ad944c6d18a40c27 208120754
Examples-5.0.0p3.pkg d00dadc337b2dab85bcc8edcbdabe726 347272031
UnitySetup-Samsung-TV-Support-for-Editor.exe e2bf31c8257c8066d9f730090774d22d 35704312
UnitySetup-Samsung-TV-Support-for-Editor.pkg bc8e4cd27431a182db6b284498442c7c 50308639