Patch 5.2.3p1

Released: 27. November 2015

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Component Installers Windows

Component Installers Mac

We are happy to announce Unity 5.2.3p1. The release notes and the corresponding issue tracker link for issues fixed in this release are as shown below.

As always, patch releases are recommended only for users affected by those bugs fixed in that patch.


  • iOS: Add support for Apple Pencil through Touch and Input APIs.


  • Physics: Added 'OneWayGrouping' property to PlatformEffector2D to group contacts.
  • VR: Asynchronous Loading during Splash Screen to reduce load times.


  • (728361) - 2D: Optimisations in shader performance targeting non-etc1 platforms.
  • (739831), (732504) - Android: Android 6.0 - Ask for any dangerous permission on startup.
  • (734408) - Android: Fixed OBB deployment on Android 6.0 and some older devices.
  • (734221) - API Updater: Fixed crashing when checking for obsolete API in assemblies referencing unity extensions.
  • (698667) - AssetBundles: Loading an uncompressed AssetBundle with CreateFromMemory causes a crash.
  • (730559) - Core: Fixed Asset Importer error when calling AssetDatabase.Refresh during import of assembly.
  • (729010) - Editor: Fixed for error message given when picking game objects with children set as visible.
  • (738356) - IL2CPP: Allow the [Preserve] attribute to correctly prevent stripping of a method in a nested type.
  • (738232) - IL2CPP: Fixed race condition during cleanup of threadpool threads.
  • (737996) - IL2CPP: Prevent generated C++ code from including a header file that was not generated when the type which could have been generated in that header is used only in an attribute applied to an assembly.
  • (733799) - iOS/IL2CPP: Set default stack size on iOS to 1MB to match Mono behavior.
  • (none) - iOS: Build Unity runtime with bitcode. For now bitcode is supported only in il2cpp non-development builds.
  • (742801) - iOS: Don't show simulators when doing regular build.
  • (741993) - iOS: Fixed release target being set to 4.0 when setting minimum iOS version to 9.0.
  • (738428) - Mecanim: Added type check when firing events with Object parameters.
  • (732739) - Mecanim: Fixed Animator.Play not working on 1st frame when enabling GameObject.
  • (734681) - Mecanim: Fixed blending that was different when swapping OverrideController at runtime.
  • (737437) - Mecanim: Fixed crash when enabling an Animator on an object that was disabled then re-enabled.
  • (736520) - Mecanim: Fixed error when adding transition.
  • (727746) - Mecanim: Fixed events being called when state is not playing.
  • (737582) - Mecanim: Fixed speed being not applied correctly when manually updating Animator.
  • (none) - OpenGL: Work around array buffer access crash.
  • (742572) - Physics: Ensure that OnCollisionEnter2D is always called if a contact starts and ends during a single physics update.
  • (727734) - Physics: Ensure that Physics2D OverlapAreaXXX checks are consistent with OverlapBoxXXX checks.
  • (740256) - Physics: Fixed NullReferenceException in the editor when dragging a Rigidbody2D in the scene whilst it is deleted.
  • (none) - Shadow Job Performance Regression.
  • (727793) - UI: Fixed the issue with deleting a world canvas during play when paused.
  • (735927) - UI: Fixed a performance issue with fonts rebuilding.
  • (none) - VR: Fixed Issue loading the Oculus SDK on the first time running when starting a new project.
  • (725862) - WebGL: Fixed heavy memory consumption when downloading asset bundles using WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload.
  • (745932) - Windows Phone 8.0: Fixed regression with System.IO classes.
  • (729793) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed .NET native invalid IL warnings.
  • (745355) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed FileStream ocasionaly failing when writing large data.
  • (745716) - Windows Store Apps: Fixed Assembly-CSharp* project debugging in Universal Windows 10 apps, breakpoints should work now.
  • (736611) - Windows Store Apps: Make explicit call UnityPause(1) to pause player until explicitly unpaused via UnityPause(0).

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Also included below are the md5sum and file size in order to verify the full installers have been downloaded correctly. If your installer doesn’t work or reports errors it is possible that your installer is incomplete.

Revision: 16366bd81e69

Size & md5sum for Mac

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.2.3p1.dmg 00576ddc2f823d392762a6fda4c1c8ad 2483931
Unity-5.2.3p1.pkg 06dacf7c44e5b00bee8650829b3d415d 2781714159
Examples-5.2.3p1.pkg b384af7b032186a86de545c865c883f1 354001861
StandardAssets-5.2.3p1.pkg b68610c05c60e5441bb3cc0f069c53c7 212373637
WebPlayer-5.2.3p1.pkg 211266119a5559e11ee66bb877e906af 2810684

Size & md5sum for PC

Componentmd5sum Size (bytes)
UnityDownloadAssistant-5.2.3p1.exe 533fc071f240943e2d3d9ef3f4f8ec6e 665008
UnitySetup32-5.2.3p1.exe 74892391fa6bda2dbefe22a60713fa98 2001627832
UnitySetup64-5.2.3p1.exe dea4bf39301ec5c8ed6ddcb936987552 2011630032
UnityExampleProjectSetup-5.2.3p1.exe ca9a9f07c28457287cdc47d97b80b8ae 295413240
UnityStandardAssetsSetup-5.2.3p1.exe efe427e6ad597d299b367cca80d92ae1 212904632
UnityWebPlayerDevelopment-5.2.3p1.exe 80890f7d63c85e2f7641fa9cff67455f 7416584