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2018.3.11f1 Release Notes


  • Animation: Fixed integer values not being animated when PPtr references were also in animated bindings. (1079856, 1137005)

  • Animation: Fixed preview of sprite changes on a simple animation when controller is missing. (1122246)

  • Animation: Fixed tangent mode set on new keyframe when double-clicking to add a keyframe in curve editor. (1123100, 1125126)

  • Animation: Fixed use of Ctrl-A/Cmd-A shortcut in the Animation Window. (1119191, 1124380)

  • Asset Bundles: Fixed non-deterministic data in asset bundle when using Prebake Collision Mesh. (1116173, 1133368)

  • Asset Import: Fixed a regression when switching ModelImporter Rig to Humanoid that did not enforce the T-pose in the skeleton anymore. (1103231, 1131109)

  • Asset Import: Fixed Multi-Scene Lighting is lost when building AssetBundles with Scriptable Build Pipeline. (1105486, 1105515)

  • Build Pipeline: Added a call to clean up high memory usage in BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles to avoid a crash due to out of memory. (1124274, 1129898)

  • Build Pipeline: Fixed splash screen background not being included when building with nographics argument (1047042, 1122687)

  • Collab: Fixed incorrect exit code for YAMLMerge when passing an empty file. (1094380, 1117860)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where Editor notification text's last word is cut off at certain window sizes. (1098575, 1133366)

  • Editor: Fixed an issue where folder loses focus after renaming it in the Project Window. (1114527, 1127041)

  • Editor: Fixed crash when calling virtual method on missing abstract MonoBehaviour/ScriptableObject serialized reference. (1118688, 1132155)

  • Editor: Fixed dragging component with required component to bottom area of inspector of prefab instance. (1097140)

  • Editor: Fixed Editor crash when illegal position is introduced to graphics engine. (1115965, 1137218)

  • Editor: Fixed for MediaPlayer framework in plugin importer moved to rare group. (1124821, 1131722)

  • Editor: Fixed Invalid AssetDatabase path warning for files that are not in unity project folder. (934940, 1137156)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where the editor windows go blank under certain circumstances with D3D11. (1111604, 1136274)

  • Editor: Fixed issue where Unity would log an error when de-serializeing older serialized data when it's intentional. (1106120, 1140228)

  • Editor: Fixed issue with Assembly Definition File assemblies using "Define Constraints" getting deleted in Library/ScriptAssemblies in some cases when recompiling scripts. (1128015, 1132122)

  • Editor: Fixed OS locale being used for Editor windows. (930798, 1116416)

  • Editor: Fixed that the text field caret indicator cannot be placed on a specific text area in Light Explorer. (979015, 1134974)

  • Global Illumination: Fixed baked shadow angle not being into account for indirect bounce. (1132238, 1133437)

  • Graphics: Fixed an issue where Quad Tessellation would not work in OpenGL and Vulkan. (1131397)

  • Graphics: Fixed crashes caused by reflection probes when entering Play mode with a camera selected. (1109892, 1130931)

  • Graphics: Fixed Enabled GPU skinning for blend shapes. (1133813, 1134299)

  • Graphics: Fixed normal calculation in compute skinning with one bone per vertex (1124697, 1133827)

  • Graphics: In Deferred Reflections set the ambient probe SH constants before calling BeforeReflections Command Buffer to give consistency between graphics jobs enabled/disabled. (1130942, 1135303)

  • Mobile: Fixed Application.Unload crash on Android P devices. (1120794, 1126393)

  • Mobile: Fixed escape PlayerSettings.productName when composing installPath. (1113179, 1134466)

  • Mobile: Fixed issue with detecting latest installed build tools version. (1094262, 1132184)

  • Mobile: Fixed [Android] "Render outside safe area" setting doesn't work with Portrait or Landscape Orientation. (1125222, 1133428)

  • Mobile: Fixed [Android] Visual artifacts in the skybox when using more than one camera in a scene on Adreno 330 devices. (1122358, 1133427)

  • Mobile: Fixed [Android] [LTSRP] Pressing the square "recent apps" button when the app is using Vulkan API gives blurry/gloving transition. (1024522, 1133429)

  • Mobile: Fixed [Android] [LTSRP] Pressing the square "recent apps" button when the app is using Vulkan API gives blurry/gloving transition. (1104092, 1133426)

  • Package Manager: Fixed missing Editor folder in PackageManager directory if installed through DownloadAssistant. (1133409, 1138012)

  • Particles: Fixed opening a legacy Prefab with a ParticleSystem in Prefab Mode: ParticleSystemRenderer component not being correctly hidden in the Inspector.

  • Particles: Fixed opening a Particle System Prefab in Play mode breaks the Hierarchy when Stop Action is set to Destroy. (1111578, 1134976)

  • Particles: Fixed Simulate not updating sub-emitters particles when restart flag was false. Fixed newly emitted particle sizes not being updated when using Simulate and the restart flag is true. (1104199, 1123850)

  • Prefabs: Fixed losing selection of Prefab root in Prefab Mode after draggging script to Inspector.

  • Prefabs: For broken prefabs use the root that the PrefabImporter has chosen when opening the prefab file in Prefab Mode, other dangling roots are deleted.

  • Prefabs: Improved error handling when the GameObject root in PrefabMode is deleted or moved out of its prefab scene. (1123424, 1134975)

  • Prefabs: SaveAsPrefabAsset[AndConnect] will now automatically do namebased replace to retain references if a prefab is being overwritten. (1139245, 1139583)

  • Scene/Game View: Fixed ControlID getting out of sync for layout and repaint evengs when transitioning from 2D to 3D. (1126865, 1130151)

  • SceneManager: Fixed a Race condition in TransformAccessArray. (1132255, 1133799)

  • SceneManager: Fixed issue LoadSceneAsync not updating isLoaded to false for scene unloaded. (1125003, 1126524)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed breakpoint resolution for methods in partial classes. (1118285, 1135008)

  • Scripting Upgrade: Fixed TargetParameterCountException when using Substance. (1093274, 1135337)

  • Serialization: Fixed issues with the serialization when using a non-US locale. (1065595, 1127019)

  • Shaders: Fixed UNITY_VERSION shader macro generation for double digit major/minor versions. (1113175, 1122980)

  • UI: Fixed API inconsistency with no support of uv2 and uv3 inside the VertexHelper class. (1117237, 1132490)

  • UI: Fixed scroll jitter when the scroll view component has Elastic movement type. (1129915, 1135071)

Changeset: 5063218e4ab8

Unity 2018.3.11

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